Jun 19, 2006

New all-purpose insult

Neocon. See this piece by Simon Jenkins about the modernism show at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in which devotees of Mies et al are compared to neocons, to wit:
The modernists were the neocons of 20th-century art. They took a sound methodology - the questioning of conventional wisdom - and made it a dogma that brooked no opposition, even from reality.

Which is kind of at variance with the rest of the article which, rightfully, links modernist thought--such as it is--with the totalitarianism of the 20th Century. Indeed the sentence after the one quoted is:
They turned a fad into a political programme, asserting "we" as sovereign over "them". Though Hitler closed the Bauhaus and Stalin loved Corinthian columns, the modernist utopia fuelled fascism and communism and bred a tradition of stylistic authority still alive today.

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