Jun 7, 2006

More on Bush the abortionist

Attorney Dana L was apparently so darned mad at Bush that she forgot to call Planned Parenthood for her morning after pill.* She also compares herself to a rape victim. Even the most pro- of the pro-choicers aren't buying what Dana's selling.
Seems to me you blame everyone but yourself for your abortion. (Conservative policies of Bush, your doctor, your midwife, your internist, the FDA top Brass, even Religion). I am pro-choice - even more so than you - because I respect your choice to have unprotected sex with your husband - knowing the risks. What I don't respect is your reaction to the consequences. Basically you didn't care to be inconvenienced by your own unborn son or daughter - a child that could have found a loving home with your infertile college friend.

Via The Corner.

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