Jun 7, 2006

Khomeni's grandson: Bush should occupy Iran


And he's not a huge fan of the mandatory hijab.
Khomeini also said that he opposes the Al-Fakih rule and would never accept the authority of a ruler under Al-Fakih. He added that if he came to power, the first law that he would implement would make wearing of hijab [headscarf] a personal decision for women.

He said, "by forcing women to wear the strictest, black-colored hajibs, instead of allowing those of different colors, the religious authorities in Iran are unduly restricting women. Even though I personally support the wearing of some form of hijab, when female students come out of schools and colleges covered in black, it just makes your heart sick. The hijab issue is a personal matter. If a woman wants it she can wear it, and if she refuses it, she doesn't have to. My grandfather Khomeini had lots of relatives that didn't wear the hijab."

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