Jun 19, 2006

Favorite chick flicks

Following in the footsteps of Dean and Michael, mine are--in no particular order:

Legally Blonde
Miss Congeniality
Bridget Jones' Diary
When Harry Met Sally
As Good as It Gets
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Something's Gotta Give

Where chick flicks are concerned, it's all about the leading lady and Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan are all super adorable. Bridget Jones had some help from the super hunky Colin Firth, the best Mr. Darcy ever, and Hugh Grant; although I liked Renee Zellwegger, too. I didn't like the sequel, however, in which Bridget went from being a cute, slightly chubby but sexy girl to being a fat slob. Ah well, sequels almost invariably suck.

As Good as it Gets was really an ensemble piece, but Helen Hunt was fabulous as the waitress that helped Jack Nicolson's character rediscover his humanity.

The last two are really wish fulfillment fantasies: Overweight ethnic girl finds love with hunky all-American and older woman wins womanizer over more youthful competition and snags a younger superfantastic man (and a doctor!) before settling down.

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