Jun 1, 2006

Fashion call to action

Neo-neocon observes that certain upscale department stores are eliminating their petite departments. It seems customers weren't going for the dowdy looks offered for those 5' 4" and under so they're getting rid of them. Problem is, many women can't wear regular misses sizes without significant alterations.
I never could figure out the reason the styles were so old-fashioned and old-ladyish, until I looked around one day while shopping in the petite department and noticed that a great many of the other customers were elderly women who appeared to have shrunk.

That's not me, fortunately; I'm merely middle-aged, and I'm the same height I always was. And don't tell me to go to the junior department--not any more, although every now and then I do venture in there. But even though I'm not a frump (or, at least, I try not to be), jeans that end an inch above the top of my thighs and tops that end many inches above that are not exactly what I'm looking for.

There's money to be made here.

In other fashion news, white jeans are apparently the biggest fashion trend of the summer and this woman is a little bit too alarmed about the trend.

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