May 19, 2006

Psst ... wanna buy a pack of smokes?

The high cost of cigarettes fuels a crime wave.
Minneapolis police are seeking the public's help in finding the criminals who are responsible for more than 11 convenience store break-ins in recent weeks on the North Side.

"They're going to run me out of business,'' said Adam Suqrot, whose shop at 36th and Fremont Avs. N. has been smashed twice in the past 10 days. "My employees all want to quit.''

The middle-of-the-night break-ins have been characterized by suspects driving stolen vehicles into the buildings * sometimes the front doors * and making off with cigarettes, phone cards, phones and sometimes liquor, Sgt. Tom Ryan said today at a press conference at Suqrot's store.

Ryan said the retail price of cigarettes alone, about $5 a pack, is fueling the crime wave that has also been detected in Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center and northeast Minneapolis. The cigarettes are selling on the street for about $1 a pack.

Via Lucianne.

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