May 15, 2006

Never mind

BBC mistakes cab driver for expert on Internet music downloads.
BBC News 24 consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman ostensibly welcomed computer expert Guy Kewney.

As Bowerman introduced the apparent expert, there's a moment when the still unidentified driver realized the mistake. He scrunched his face up in a grimace and in panic tried to open his mouth as if to explain.

"Were you suprised by this verdict today?" Bowerman asked.

"I'm very surprised to see the verdict come on me because I was not expecting that," he said in a heavy French accent, blinking in the studio lights. "When I came, they told me something else."

Growing more confident, he gamely went on to deliver his opinion on the future of music downloads following the landmark verdict.
I suppose the cabby's opinion is as good as anyone's.

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