May 9, 2006

Moktada the statesman v. Moktada the murderer

Newsweek likes the former incarnation.
Here's the sort of thing in the "interview." About the murder of Abdul Majid Khoei, the progressive Shiite cleric (a real cleric) whom Al Sadr was accused of murdering in April 2003: “The arrest warrant was issued by the occupation, not by the Iraqi courts, and this is not legal. Many people were arrested over this matter, and they were released. This is true evidence that they are innocent.” Yeah.

About Moktada's Mahdi militia: “Mahdi Army is not a militia. I issued a statement recently limiting the Mahdi Army personnel to cultural, social and religious acts.” He's considering merging his militia with the Boy Scout movement.

On Moktada’s being part of the political process: “Everyone builds Iraq the way he sees fit. The most important issue is the timetable for the U.S. withdrawal. We know there will be no justice under occupation, at any time and any place.” Liberty, justice, and Moktada for all.

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