May 16, 2006

Immigration splits conservatives

PoliPundit will no longer be a group blog because of differences on immigration. And this is simply beyond the pale.

Varifrank is tired of the anti-immigrant right.
The loudmouths were crying out for blood and utterly furious that the president didn’t give it to them. They didn’t just want a border fence anymore because that just wasn’t good enough; now they wanted a border fence with immigrant heads impaled on it.

I have to tell you that its hell to run when you are spinning around like a character in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

Here’s the problem that the President now faces. The Republican party has always had a “knuclehead nativist” stripe a mile wide down its back, and for 60 years the kind of knuckleheaded thinking of “I’d rather lose on principle than win by compromise” kept us away from any sort of political power and deservedly so, because it’s the kind of thing that adolescent children say not adults in the process of running a government of a great country.

Here’s a clue for you knuckleheads – Politics is Compromise. You will not get everything you want – ever. No matter how big your political party gets you will always have to compromise your vision of the “perfect” you want in order to settle for the “good” you can get. No amount of “bloody shirt” speechifying is going to change that fact, no matter how much you want it to be different.

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