May 4, 2006

A disaster in the making

Rosie on The View. Although I may have to record the first installment--when Rosie and Star Jones meet face-to-face.
And Rosie already is mixing it up in preparation for her entrance on The View. It seems Rosie has a problem with Star Jones, who has been on The View since its inception. Jones, no shrinking violet herself, has recently lost a tremendous amount of weight but has not explained exactly how she has accomplished this. On her blog, where she shares her opinions in free form verse, Rosie recently wrote, “Star Jones had weight loss surgery / she had part of her stomach bypassed / that is how she lost 1/2 herself /she refuses to say this / which is her right / but we do not have to pretend / we do not know.” She also called Jones in her poem, “a scared lil girl.”

During an interview with Diane Walters a couple weeks ago, when she already knew she was coming to The View, but it had not been officially announced, Rosie said about Jones, “I think it's very hard for everyone to participate in the illusion she presents as her truth.” That’s kind of funny since for years Tom Cruise-loving Rosie was participating in an illusion presented as truth. And bringing in the big bucks while she did.

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