May 1, 2006

Day without immigrants infuriates would be supporters

Looks like some immigrant activist groups and their supporters are backing away from today's planned festivities.

Probably a good idea.

I would characterize myself as basically pro-immigrant, so I'm probably more or less inclined to favor W's guest worker program. But I understand and sympathize with the view that we shouldn't reward people for illegal behavior, and I'd like to see more secure borders. I also dislike the idea that illegals are being encouraged in their behavior by the Mexican government, whose economy is propped up by the money immigrants send home to their families.

And May Day rallies and the national anthem in Spanish--with the words altered--really rub me the wrong way. And I'm not alone.

Given that people are backing away from today's planned festivities, it will be interesting to see whether the protests fizzle or sizzle. And how lawmakers will react.

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