May 18, 2006

Barbra Streisand, schnorrer

Babs and hubby James Brolin wheedle free tickets from ticket seller.
Unluckily for Babs and Jim, the transaction was witnessed by paying customer Jennifer Grossman, a fellow Malibu resident and self-described "subversive right-winger" who doesn't much care for Streisand's Democratic politics.

"I just couldn't believe it," Grossman told me yesterday. "It's one thing to be comped their tickets, but it's quite another to ask to be comped, in order to save a lousy $20 bucks. But she's notorious for being this way. I wonder if she goes to Ralph's in Malibu and asks if she can have her groceries for free."

Yesterday, Streisand's PR rep said it's customary for "major stars" to get into movies for free. "It's a professional courtesy that many theaters extend to film stars." But Mann's doesn't have a policy of comping celebs.

Via Lucianne.

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