May 2, 2006

After they dismantle FEMA, they should go after the CIA

Jed Babbin compares the CIA to Rome's Praetorian Guards.
The last major success our intelligence community produced was the 1962 appearance before the UN General Assembly in which Adlai Stevenson displayed pictures of Soviet missile sites in Cuba. They were irrefutable, and Stevenson's moment exposed Soviet lies and helped compel the Soviets to back down. That was forty-four years ago. The CIA's record since then is a string of failures unblemished by a single notable success. From the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the rise of bin Laden and 9-11, the CIA has been a blind watchdog. These failures created in the CIA a CYA culture that began as a desperate attempt to resurrect the CIA's reputation and has since turned into a covert operation against the President, new CIA director Porter Goss, and -- most importantly -- against the nation the CIA is supposed to help protect.

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