Apr 18, 2006

Why not?

Israel won't strike back at Hamas for yesterday's terror attack. A mistake, in my opinion.

And while we're at it: It's good to see the international community cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, but why stop there?
apan has confirmed that it will halt new aid payments to the PA, adding to a financial crisis.

Japan, which has given $840m (£474m) to the PA since 1993, said it wanted to see Hamas adopt a more peaceful policy, but did not expressly link its decision to the Tel Aviv attack.

However, emergency aid - such as a payment last month of $6 million (£3.4m) to the UN's World Food Programme - would continue, officials said.

Projects such as repairing roads and building residential homes are also likely to receive continued funding.
Sanctions don't work unless all monies stop; look at what Saddam Hussein did with the humanitarian aid he received. A loophole like "emergency aid" will enable Hamas to pay supporters and keep the PA going. It merely prolongs the agony.

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