Apr 19, 2006

What she said

Cathy Seipp's immigration proposal:
I read somewhere recently that 30% of Mexico would move to the U.S. if they could. Now I have no idea how many Mexican immigrants would be reasonable to allow in, but obviously for everyone who makes the cut, someone else does not.

So, a question: As long as there are so many hard-working, pro-American immigrants from Latin American and Asia and other countries who would like to come here but cannot, why are we letting in anyone from lands where much of the populace is at least sympathetic to the notion of this country being ruled under Sharia law?

Other than those who are actually fleeing persecution from Islam, the Free Speech Religion, or who have helped American forces in Iraq and Afgahnistan, I say keep them all out. Why should any Arab partyboy, disarming smile or not, be allowed to take the place of even one Mexican gardener?

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