Apr 13, 2006

Too many old white guys

British environmental agency starts a campaign to bring diversity to fly fishing.
The agency's 10-year campaign will use money from the £19 million raised each year by the sale of fishing licences, and a leaflet has already been produced covering "10 things you should know about angling".

These include: "Angling does not discriminate against gender, race, age or athletic ability", and the "Government is interested in angling in the context of social inclusion in deprived urban areas".

Pilot schemes, such as one in Swansea, where Muslim women and children have been taught to fish by experts from the Salmon and Trout Association, are set to be extended nationwide.

Richard Wightman, the angling development manager for the Environment Agency, said: "We have a corporate commitment to diversity. There is a huge number of social benefits."

Thanks to Lost Budgie.

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