Apr 6, 2006

Miracle cures

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding the patriarch swore that Windex would cure most of life's ills.

At the house of Norm it's St. James balm. From WotN:
My mother-in-law, her five children and her entire extended family have been using St James's Balm for the 40 years I've known them. It's truly amazing stuff and has cured every single minor skin ailment I've ever come across. My mother-in-law would go further. She reckons it also brings deeply-buried splinters to the surface of the skin and makes short work of post-operative wounds.

My mother's standard prescription is lying down and putting your feet up. Nothing in life, my mother figures, can't be improved by a little lie down with your feet up. Heartburn? Agita? Bankruptcy? Lie down and put your feet up. Couldn't hurt.

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