Apr 6, 2006

'Lazy frogs, get back to work!'

There's nothing quite so refreshing as an un-PC tirade. Philip Meeson, chairman of a low cost airline, delivers a stellar example.
Mr Meeson's message, published at the end of last week, carried the headline: "Jet2.com condemns French strike action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work!"

The airline's flights had been grounded by air traffic controllers supporting students protesting at planned new labour laws.

Mr Meeson, 58, whose airline is based in Yorkshire, asked them in suitably blunt language: "What exactly are you striking about? Or just in case you don't understand that, pouvez-vous nous expliquer pourquoi exactement êtes-vous en grève?

"After a token stoppage why can't you just sort the matter out amicably without bringing thousands of people around the world, who give your country huge economic wealth, into the argument?"

The French air traffic controllers' union, CGT, said Mr Meeson's language was "not acceptable".

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