Apr 3, 2006

The Israel Lobby: A conspiracy theory that brings people together

David M. Seymour explains.
In what can only amount to a wet dream of the more disreputable and/or unthinking wing of the antiwar and antiglobalisation “movements” of the “left”, of those poor, poor, liberals who just want an “honest debate”, and of the far right, it seems that three of their leading bete noir – Bush’s foreign policy, the war on Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine and its brutal treatment of Palestinians - have now been brought together under the cohesive power of one maelvolent body: “The Lobby”. All of the greatest plagues of the present moment found in one house. The curse has turned into a blessing.

Having brought together three of the most difficult and pressing issues together under one simple formula, it offers hope to the seeming irrationality, hopelessness and paranioa that appeared to have grasped the world. Confused by the inability of the world superpower to defeat a ramshackle but determined enemy, scared at the possibility of random acts of terror and violence (9/11; Madrid, London, Baghdad, Israel, Palestine, Dafur amongst many others), disenchanted with the formal processes of democracy, the Lobby article seems to provide meaning to this meaningless. Armed with the argument of “the Lobby’s” power, everything now makes sense. Another sigh of relief; the world may still be terrible, but at least we know why, at least we have an answer. Thank God for that!
Amen, brother.

ADDENDUM: QED: If there's a lobby for it, it must not be in the public interest.

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