Apr 27, 2006

Chinese claim they invented golf

And they've got proof.
Experts from the Palace Museum, China’s most prestigious, and from Peking University were on hand to reveal their findings after more than two years of research. To back up their case, they showed off a replica set of clubs, re-created from ancient paintings that show the emperor at play.

White-gloved girls unrolled copies of four paintings depicting the emperor, courtiers and his ladies putting balls across the ground into circles on the ground that are designated by tiny coloured flags. It all looks a lot like golf.

Zhang Xiaoning, secretary general of the golf association, swelled with pride. “Most sports in China are imported from the West . . . I believe this discovery of a game very similar to golf is a great contribution by China to world sports.”
Last year, the Chinese laid claim to inventing skiing. Beach volleyball can't be far behind.

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