Apr 21, 2006

Cherie Blair's expensive hair

Apparently she billed the Labour Party $13,700 for its upkeep.
Cherie Blair, whose clothing and appearance are often mocked by the British media, has been criticized in the past for her reliance on a pricey hairstylist.

Christopher Meyer, Britain's former ambassador to Washington, recalled in his recent memoir that the Blairs held up their Concorde's departure from Andrews Air Force base after a visit to Camp David because her hairstylist had been left behind.

"A helicopter brought him posthaste to Andrews as the rest of us kicked our heels," Meyer wrote.
Kinda makes me nostalgic for the Clinton days (scroll down).

Anyway, not everyone thinks that Cherie's $490-a-day hair habit is a bad thing.
This QC has been in the media dock too many times in the past for her lack of chic and her messy mop, so who can blame her for avoiding further charges by employing a top hairstylist to stay out of the bitchy columnists' path?

Cherie, and former prime minister John Major's wife Norma before her, know all too well that a bad dress day or a hair out of place is worth several acerbic column inches in the Daily Mail.

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