Apr 14, 2006

Boys are different from girls

AirForceWife posts about her son's inability to sit still and his unique solution to the problem of making time in his busy schedule for dinner.

My son invented interactive TV. Before tuning in to some of his favorite shows, my son would strap on his toy armor, grab his plastic sword and shield so he would be fully prepared when the fighting began. I have a picture of him when he was about 4 or 5 sitting atop a toy castle about two feet away from the TV with his sword by his side. When swordplay began, he was off: Lunging, parrying and touche-ing with an imaginary opponent. Should pro-wrestling be on, he would strip down to his underpants in order to be unconstrained as he put the toss pillows in headlocks, divebombed off the back of the sofa and turned cartwheels, handstands and somersaults.

At our house, TV viewing was not a passive activity.

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