Mar 26, 2006

Greetings from the sickbed

Sometime late Thursday night the cold I've been nursing for a zillion years now transmogrified into a hideous cough that woke me up every half hour or so. I went into work on Friday, hacking away. I proceeded to bite the head off one of my betters who inquired as to my well-being--impolitic in addition to being incoherent as I managed to turn that innocent (?) question into a rant against the inquirer's competence, his philosophy of live and his reason for being.

Then I went home to rest up before my pm doctor's appointment, which I proceeded to sleep through. (The irony--the first 2 hours of straight sleep I'd managed.) Since then, I've been drowning in tea, bullion and lemonade while moving between my bed and the couch, sleeping for an hour or two at a time and taking in all manner of TV: Reality shows, romantic comedies, Law & Order reruns.

Regular blog activity will resume sometime tomorrow. I hope.

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