Mar 15, 2006

Father of 15 wants a bigger house

From the state.

The three-bedroom house isn't too bad when it's only him, the wife, the mistress and their eight--soon to be nine--kids. But it gets kind of crowded when his six other kids, from three other girlfriends, come to stay.
Philpott, who ran a bakery in the 1980s, last worked in July before losing a driving job. He picks up £248.60 a week in family and child tax payments, plus £60 child benefit.

His wife works part-time as a hospital cleaner.

Lisa gets £161 in income support plus £40 child benefit.

The family pays rent of £68 a week for the semi.

Philpott insisted he was no scrounger — and said of his bizarre relationships: “What man wouldn’t want two women? I love them both and could never choose between them.

“I reckon a lot of men would just love to be in my situation and I know I’m very happy.
I don't know how you men feel, but what in the name of heaven is wrong with these women?

Via Peter Briffa.

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