Mar 7, 2006

Chicksdiggers and Chicksdiggims

Maybe the question is: What's wrong with chicks? Though I must confess to liking Sarah Jessica Parker and Adam Brody.

Women think she's gorgeous men think she's gratingly annoying. Chicksdiggers usually have squeaky voices, fabulous clothes, a rotating array of hairstyles and a knack for over-enthusiasm. Found in film, TV and music, these unconventional women seem like the perfect companion for shopping, breaking up with a boyfriend, sharing clothing or enjoying a fruity cocktail.

The classic Chicksdiggim pairs dandy ties and form fitting blazers with ultra expensive sneakers. He may look casually stylish to the ladies but men know he spends a fortune on his look. Mostly sensitive singer-songwriters and stars of film and TV, the Chicksdiggim uses his strong jawline to balance out his adorable dimples or puppy-dog eyebrows-- to create a look that's both threatening and cuddly to women.

But all men see is a bulls-eye. The Chickdiggim may not know the extent to which he is in danger of getting his ass kicked, but he does know enough to avoid all physical confrontation due to his own limpid arm muscles diguised in layers of cool band t-shirts.

And who do guys like that women don't?

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