Mar 10, 2006

Acquiring nukes not a big deal for most Iranians

And not an issue worth going to war over, according to a confidential poll.
69% of the Iranians do not recognize the nuclear issue a matter of national aspiration and 86% do not believe that nuclear technology is worth a military conflict. While 98% of those polled believe that the nuclear standoff will utlimately lead to some sort of military conflict between Iran and the US and a scenario similar to Iraq, only 28% of the people expressed concern or worries about such conflict. Moreover, about 94% of ethinc Arabs in Khuzestan province and about 91% of Kurds do not consider the nuclear standoff a matter of major concern. Finally, only 11% of those polled believe that the populist Ahamadinejad is capable of solving their economic problems.

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