Feb 8, 2006

To hell with them

Rich Lowry looks at conservative foreign policy post-Bush.
[W]e will begin to see the real emergence of the “to hell with them hawks” (patron saint: Derb). They believe that it was right to invade Iraq, but wrong to try to make it better afterwards. They will support military action in Iran, but only if it doesn't involve any re-building or sticky involvement with Iranians. They will want, more or less, to give up on the “hearts and minds” element of the War of Terror, since the people whose minds and hearts are in question haven't been cooperating (so: “to hell with them”). In Walter Russell Mead's terms, they will detach Bush's Jacksonianism from his Wilsonianism. They will keep the Jacksonianism, but toss the Wilsonianism aside as fuzzy-headed and disproven by events, from the Iraq insurgency to the cartoon riots.

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