Feb 7, 2006

Hot cross buns

So hot they're being banned in a British school.
A traditional Easter bun has caused one school to get a bit hot - but not cross - where political correctness is concerned. For fear of offending the religious minorities at The Oaks Primary School in Ipswich, headteacher Tina Jackson has asked suppliers to remove the cross from their hot cross buns.

But Father Haley Dossor, vicar at St Mary-at-the-Elms in Ipswich's Elm Street, said he feels it is political correctness gone a bit too far. He said: "All religions have particular traditions, habits and customs and this is one of the traditions of the Church of England.

"I would be surprised if anyone was offended. It seems to me people in the secular world are scared of religious symbols. The school is quite wrong. All religions should respect each other."

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