Feb 8, 2006

Hey nonny, nonny let's kill some Jews

A profile of Mufid Abdulqader, a naturalized American citizen who happens to be the half-brother of Hamas' supreme political leader, Khaled Meshal. By day, he worked as an engineer. But when the lights are low, Abdulqader served as the entertainment for Hamas fundraisers held throughout the country.
"Our people in Al Aqsa are out to revenge, to destroy the enemy; our revolution is spread throughout the land!" Mufid cheerfully sang in one number. "With Koran and Jihad, we will gain our homes back, hey, hey, hey! My precious eyes are for Palestine, the agony of death is precious, killing Jews . . . Death to Jews, is precious. Jews will not fear threats, only action. So Hamas, hit them with the shoe bottoms of Islam and Hamas!"

In the videos, masked jihadists in camouflage uniforms march menacingly to the band's drumbeats. Children take the stage to perform pantomime stabbing and shooting motions to the beat. One child points a toy gun at the sky, marching in place on stage. During brief intermissions, speakers take the stage to recite old Jewish-conspiracy canards.

Collection baskets circulate among audience members at the conferences. At various times, in the style of a public television fundraiser, large donations are announced publicly from the podium, amid signs and banners.
I wonder if donors got tote bags for their generosity.

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