Feb 9, 2006

Fashion week

Robin Givhan's Fashion Week blog is much more amusing than her stories on the fashion faux pas of the Bush administration. A sampling:
Serena Williams came in wearing this tiny, short silvery little halter dress that she had no business even thinking about, let alone wearing in public.

The next day we ran into a stylist friend and pleaded with him to counsel Serena on her wardrobe choices. Alledgedly her current stylist has trouble finding clothes for her because Serena's a big girl. But we figure if she stopped trying to get clothes for free and bought them herself she could get some that fit. Yeah, we know that's harsh. We say that out of tough love
We caught sight of Jefferson Hack, the editor of Dazed and Confused who is famous for being the father of Kate Moss's baby. He is the sort of man who wears a constant sneer and has one of those haircuts that looks like it was executed with a pocket knife, thus making it exceptionally hip.

More Fashion Week: Fall 2006 Scorecard.

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