Feb 9, 2006

Banned in Cuba

Val Prieto has a list of books that are banned in Cuba as well as a letter from Robert Kent, director of the Friends of Cuban Libraries to ALA President Michael Gorman.

A little background: The ALA has taken the position that Cuba's independent librarians are "not trained librarians" and has refused to support those who were imprisoned for providing banned books to the Cuban people. Worse, the ALA has made several "fact-finding missions" to Cuba and--like the Soviet apologists of yore--found no evidence of censorship. At the association's midwinter meeting, keynote speaker Andrei Codrescu attacked the ALA for its stance on Cuba's independent library movement and the ALA conveniently ommitted Codrescu's remarks from its initial official press releases. Shades yet again of Soviet apologists.

Read the whole thing.

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