Jan 16, 2006

Who needs transparency?

Dr. Rusty Shackleford has no use for NZ Bear's appeal from center-right bloggers. I must say that I find agree with this bit:
As for the Republican leadership elections, I really don't give a damn if the candidate is reform oriented or not. My major concern is that the next Majority Leader has a bloodlust for terrorists, will not be shirk from calling fascism fascism when the fascists in question are a group favored by the Left, and who will make sure enough money is spent to win the war on terror. However much money it takes.
But I'm not sanguine about finding such a leader--especially in an election year. If the news on the GWOT looks good, members of Congress will be all for it. If not? Not. And we'll see all sorts of posturing about the Patriot Act, the NSA wiretapping, and other issues that haven't even come up yet.

Outside of Lieberman and McCain, I can't think of any staunch anti-terror members of Congress--at least off the top of my head. And neither of these guys would get Rusty's (or my) seal of approval on the limited government front.

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