Jan 6, 2006

What they're teaching the teachers

Snowflake making and lots of feelings.
In four separate classes, yes four, we were asked to keep a journal. A journal about... drum roll please... our FEELINGS. Yes, that warm fuzzy word. Feelings. The feelings were meant to be recorded, stored, and submitted at the end of the semester for each course. To be, what, graded? No, you can't grade feelings. So what was it for? I can only assume that it was to make sure that we had feelings and that they were appropriate feelings. Like, nothing murderous, hateful, etc. Don't worry Professor, I save all that stuff for my blog. This isn't college anymore - it's therapy. Expen$ive therapy. Guess what guys - I can get it for free in any number of anonymous twelve step programs. I'll save my 26 grand if that's the game we're going to play here.

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