Jan 16, 2006

The sooner the better

The Israeli Air Force trains for an attack on Iran.
Raz believes an aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities is possible. There are many things that the IAF has done over the past few years that the public is not aware of, and it has made many important advances in mid-air refueling. Israel can strike the Iranian nuclear program, Raz said on Israel's Channel 1 TV's Politika program last week.

Former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Uzi Dayan said last week that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, then so would terror organizations, like Hizbullah. "Israel needs to be ready to act on a military option," Dayan said. "Without getting into details, Israel is capable of doing these things."
It's not just Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's charming call to wipe Israel off the map. Or Iran's planned Holocaust-denial conference. There's the intransigence about acquiring nuclear weapons, a threat to raise oil prices in response to international sanctions and Ahmadinejad's cozy relationship with Hugo Chavez.

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