Jan 9, 2006

Rock, paper, scissors--and beer

Adrian Bridge hangs out with geisha in Kyoto.
It has been a long time since I've played such a childish game but I'm finding it compelling. I'm laughing like a teenager; I feel totally relaxed. And for the next hour or so I have the undivided attention of an exquisite-looking 17-year-old who will sing for me, dance for me and serve food and drink for me. What's more she seems to find my every word a pearl of wit and wisdom; my every expression a joy to behold. I could get used to this.

Who knew there were still geisha? Apparently no sex is involved. Men just go to talk, play games and watch the geisha dance and sing. And get their egos massaged.

But in this age of equality, where are the geisha for women? I wouldn't mind being served by a handsome young man who hangs on my every word.

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