Jan 30, 2006

Rewatching old movies

day-adams-pillow-talkSince I've seen Pillow Talk a million times, I was going to skip yesterday's viewing, but I got sucked in after a few scenes because of the clothes and the groovy furniture and accessories.

For example, Doris's apartment has shocking pink formica countertops. I love them.

Then there's this gown, which Doris wore with a short white fur bolero jacket with dolman sleeves. This pose really doesn't do it justice; the skirt is a narrow column and the waist is very high in front with a very low back. And, of course, opera-length gloves.

But best of all were her day clothes, featuring short tightly-fitted jackets with elbow- or bracelet-length sleeves and pencil skirts. A swing coat with a big collar whose lining coordinated with the Doris' suit often completed the look. Very cute. In this movie she also wore a black swing coat with a big black fur hat and muff. On another occasion, she wore a red coat with a leopard print muff and hat. Adorable. You just don't see women walking around carrying muffs anymore.

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