Jan 3, 2006

PC can kill you

Stephen Pollard posts a lengthy chunk from Anthony Browne's book The Retreat of Reason that deals with the rise of HIV among heterosexuals in Britain.

The government's response to the rise was to promote a condom using campaign. But what nobody mentioned was that the increase in HIV cases was due almost exclusively to the increase of African immigrants. This fact was widely known to be true but was not reported because it was feared that to do so would be racist.
But the result of that conspiracy of silence is that the government follows a policy that does absolutely nothing to combat the growth of HIV in the UK. Tackling the epidemic will fuel racism far less than allowing African immigration to spark an HIV explosion, a development allowed by government policy which is a political gift to the racist British National Party.

The one definite benefit is that the lives of HIV positive immigrants are saved. But if the cost of NHS treatment were spent in Africa, not the UK, it would save between 10 and 100 times more lives. There is also the human cost: the HIV epidemic that is being imported from Africa is now being transmitted within the UK. In fact, the majority of people who contract HIV from heterosexual sex in Britain are actually catching it from having sex with HIV positive African immigrants. In total, nearly 1,000 people have caught HIV from infected immigrants since Labour came to power, ironically finally giving a rationale to the government’s safe sex campaign. That’s 1,000 lives blighted, ultimately, by political correctness. Those who defend political correctness must accept that it can come at a heavy price.

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