Jan 25, 2006

Pat Buchanan: Asshole

Not my words, but a reader's, who sends along this article by Buchanan about the current situation in Iran. The article's title, "Iran vs. Israel -- Bush's Dilemma," suggests that Bush has a choice: Take on Iran or let the mullahs go ahead with their plans for Israel.

Here's the part that frosts my nonexistent balls:

Whatever was done to the Jews, said Ahmadinejad, we didn't do it. Europeans did. Why should we pay the price?

This weekend, The New York Times provided supporting testimony for Ahmadinejad, citing secret Cabinet notes of Winston Churchill's in 1943:

"I'm committed to creation of a Jewish National Home in Palestine. Let us go on with that; and at end of war we shall have plenty of force with which to compel the Arabs to acquiesce in our designs. Don't shirk our duties because of difficulties ..."

As if to say: "You know Ahmadinejad may be a nutter, but he isn't entirely wrong about Israel."

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