Jan 30, 2006

Jimmy Carter still loves terrorists

He always has.

On the heels of Jimmy's suggestion that the US break its own laws in order to give money to Hamas, Jacob Luskin reminds of us Carter's past record and concludes:
Arguably the saddest part of Carter's overture to Hamas is how typical it is for his career. One wants to be charitable -- to attribute his misplaced sympathies to some unstable mix of utopian idealism and political naivete. But apologies for the president increasingly ring false. After considering his years of befriending the worst the world has to offer -- from Yugoslavia's Tito to Romania's Nicolae Ceausescu, from North Korea's Kim Il Sung to Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, from Fidel Castro to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, from Arafat to Bashar Assad -- one is forced to conclude that Carter's values are, to borrow a metaphor, not merely endangered; they are effectively extinct.

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