Jan 20, 2006

Forget Wisteria Lane

The Desperate Housewives cul de sac has nothing on Shirley Meadow Court in Ellicott City, MD, home of alleged prostitute Brandy Britton.

Local police visited the house 20 times over the past five years on everything from complaints about Britton's 300-pound pet pigs munching grass on the front lawn to domestic violence charges.
After Britton's arrest, neighbors described Britton's behavior as eccentric and suspicious, and said police had frequently visited the home.

"They let [the pigs] ... eat the grass out in front of the house, and my kids go over to pet them," Bonnie Sorak said. "The pigs are nice, but they're huge. They weigh over 300 pounds. I can't imagine that she could have that sort of business with those animals there."

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