Jan 23, 2006

The best and the worst for 2008

John Hawkins polls right-of-center bloggers for the candidates they'd most and least like to see get the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. I don't have five favorites, just two: Rudy and Condi, in that order.

I would love to see Condi go head-to-head with Hillary in 2008. But I prefer Rudy, because of his toughness and his proven ability to get things done. I am confident in Rudy's ability to prosecute the GWOT. And you've got to love a politician who will turn down $10 million of dirty Saudi money in the wake of 9/11.

I do have some least favorite candidates from the list:
  • Newt Gingrich: Have we forgotten the Air Force One snub and Newt's general meltdown? Gingrich was a fine and feisty leader of the loyal opposition when the GOP was in the minority, but his grip started slipping almost immediately after the success of 1994.

  • Bill Frist: Totally underwhelming. An empty suit.

  • Chuck Hagel: No one who compares the Iraq war to Vietnam gets an endorsement from me.

  • George Pataki: ?????

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