Dec 22, 2005

NIMBY: FEMA trailers blocked in New Orleans

City council members don't want trailer parks in their backyard. There have been protests in various New Orleans neighborhoods--and in other Louisiana parishes--against temporary trailer parks for residents whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Annunciation Square is a nearly four-acre city park built in the early 19th century as the centerpiece of a prosperous suburban development in the new English sector of the city. The green space sat high and dry during and after Katrina and recently received a facelift costing more than $1 million. Neighbors were upset Wednesday as heavy machinery spread tons of limestone over the grass and trees, and plants were plucked in preparation for the arrival of trailers by Saturday.

"I know people need help, but why take our little park?" said Julia R. Callahan, 84, who was born in the shotgun double on Orange Street facing the park, where she still lives. "I've always said I lived in front of a lawn I didn't have to take care of. And I've loved watching the kids from St. Michael's school play there."
Doesn't it give you a warm and tingly feeling this holiday season to see so many New Orleans residents reaching out to help one another?

Added Christmas MSM media bias bonus: MSNBC blames FEMA for the delay.

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