Dec 31, 2005

New Year's Eve

A couple years back a friend of mine was disconsolate because she had no date nor the prospect of one for New Year's Eve. We'd go shopping and she'd point to all the evening numbers that are invariably displayed this time of year with a sigh: "That would be great to wear on New Year's Eve."

What is it with New Year's Eve? Some people think that if they don't spend New Year's Eve with a date--someone they can kiss at the stroke of 12--they'll spend the upcoming year alone. Well, I've spent New Year's with friends, family, dates and people I can't stand and I can't see it's made any difference.

Most of the New Year's parties I've attended were pretty bad. The worst being one during which a large proportion of the male attendees gathered round a Three Stooges marathon while the rest of us just sat there, waiting for midnight so we could take our leave. One year in college a bunch of us made plans to go to Times Square, but then decided against it. Then there are those depressing affairs some local bar/restaurants offer in which "complimentary" champagne, noisemakers and breakfast are included in the price.

For a couple of years when my son was little we'd take an early evening skate at Rockefeller Center--amazing how weak my ankles are, you'd think years of high-heel wearing would have given me ankles of steel. Then we'd hightail it out of midtown before the drunks took over and eat junk food and watch videos. That was fun. For a few years, when I was dating a certain someone, we'd get dressed up, go out to dinner and then to a friend's parents' house where they had an all-night poker party going. That was fun, too.

This year I have no plans. And I'm fine with that. We had an impromptu brunch with bagels, champagne and other baked goods, so I've carbo-loaded in preparation for the marathon that will be 2006.

When I finish this post, I'll either order up Batman Begins or watch one of the many movies stored on my DVR. Then, if I'm feeling lively enough, I'll continue reading David McCullogh's 1776. It just started getting interesting: Washington and the rebels have convinced the Redcoats to abandon their siege of Boston thanks to a spectacular ruse.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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