Nov 26, 2005

Have you ever?

New meme: Have you ever ...

Smoked a cigarette or tried it: Yes.

Crashed a friend's car: Yes. In college. Remarkably, we remained friends. Her parents weren't pleased with me, though.

Stolen a car: No.

Been dumped: Yes. Actually, I was once dumped by email, perhaps the lowest form of dumping.

Shoplifted: Yes, a Chunky bar when I was six. But I paid for my sins: Raisins and chocolate are terrible together.

Been fired/laid off: Oh, yes. More than once.

Been in a fist fight: No.

Snuck out of your parent's house: Yes.

Been arrested: No

Gone on a blind date: Yes (shudder), more than once.

Lied to a friend: I can't recall, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Skipped school: Absolutely.

Seen someone die: No.

Been to Canada: Yes.

Been to Mexico: No.

Eaten Sushi: Yummy! Yes.

Met someone in person from the internet: You betcha!

Taken pain-killers: Uh huh.

Had a tea party: Well, an imaginary tea party.

Cheated while playing a game: If I have, it was when I was little.

Fallen asleep at work: Yesterday, in fact. It wasn't a head falling on the desk, drooling and snoring kind of sleep. You know that expression about your eyes glazing over? That's exactly what happened. I was staring at the computer screen when my eyes glazed over and just closed.

Used a fake ID: I don't think so. I just went to places that weren't too picky about asking for such stuff.

Felt an earthquake: No.

Touched a snake: Yes.

Been robbed: My purse was snatched and my house was broken into.

Petted a reindeer/goat: I've been to my share of petting zoos so I assume I stroked at least one of those creatures.

Won a contest: Never.

Been suspended from school: No.

Been in a car accident: Yes, see above.

Had braces: No.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night: Unfortunately, yes.

Witnessed a crime: Well, there was the purse snatching.

Swam in the ocean: Yes: Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

Sung karaoke: Not willingly. But I've been dragged more than a few times to karaoke bars.

Paid for a meal with only coins: Probably. I've certainly paid for things in coins before.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: Of course.

Been kissed under mistletoe: No.

Crashed a party: Not professionally.

Worn pearls: Of course.

Jumped off a bridge: No.

Ate dog/cat food: No.

Kissed a mirror: No.

Glued your hand to something: No. Confession: I'm scared of crazy glue.

Done a one-handed cartwheel: No.

Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours: Yes. I attended high school, after all.

Didn't take a shower for a week: Definitely not.

Pick and ate an apple right off the tree: Yes.

Been told by a complete stranger that you're hot: Is there a woman alive who hasn't?

How about you? Have you ever ...

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