Jul 24, 2005

What is Hizb ut-Tahrir?

Information about the Islamist Group from the website 1924.org.
In the Western world, Hizb ut-Tahrir works to cultivate a Muslim community that lives by Islam in thought and deed, adhering to the rules of Islam and preserving a strong Islamic identity. Hizb ut-Tahrir also works with the Muslim community in the West to remind her to take up the call for the return of the Khilafah and the unification of the global Muslim Ummah. The party also works to project a positive image of Islam to Western society and engages in dialogue with Western thinkers, policymakers and academics.

"It's all about the Caliphate, stupid!"
It's the word that politicians dare not publicly mention for several decades in the hope it was dead and buried in 1924.

Yet the issue has now emerged explicitly such that it is impossible not to mention it. Earlier this year a CIA think tank predicted the re-emergence of the Caliphate by 2020. Then on Saturday 16th July 2005 Tony Blair made a speech where he gave his definition of what he thinks are the end aims of what he calls the 'evil ideology' of Islamic extremism.


This has been the most open declaration so far that the War on Terror is a war to prevent the reestablishment of the Khilafah (the Caliphate). Hitherto, there has only been deceptive language about terrorism, WMD, and 'talebanisation'.

Yet he deceives the public because he will not say, and perhaps he has shut his mind to the fact, that the Caliphate is not simply the desire and aspiration of jihadi groups. Ask a Muslim who follows a Sufi Tareeqa if he or she wants to see the re-emergence of Khilafah Rashida and you may see tears of hope in their eyes. Muslims from the so called conservative brands of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula to the 'tiger economy' regions of Malaysia & Indonesia dream of the return of Khilafah. To reject this fact is to deny the obvious. Most, simply pray for its return; some try to work for it through existing systems; a small number think that fighting the existing oppressive rule is the way to see it established. But the largest group internationally works by non-violent political work to change the existing system via thought and opinion.

On condemning the 7/7 attacks in the UK.
[A]s also happened post 9/11, unreserved condemnation without clear proof, ties you into the blame game of who did it. The logic is simple. First condemn the act, then condemn who the government says did it, then condemn what ever they do or have ever done. So, first Blair has blamed Muslims, so now Muslims and non Muslims think that Islam and Muslims must be the problem. The most likely group for accusation by them so far is Al Qaida, so will be expected to blame them and all they have ever done, even the resistance of US occupation in Afghanistan. To go one step further we would be expected to condemn even the notion of legitimate Jihad i.e. the Islamic obligation to fight occupation, be it in Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq or Kashmir.

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