Jul 29, 2005

President Red Lips

Lisa de Moraes: "ABC's new drama "Commander-in-Chief," about a set of plump red lips that take over the Oval Office after the president has a massive stroke and croaks."

Hilarious. I saw for the first time a commercial for CiC last night and the only thing I could focus on was the lips. Oh and Donald Sutherland looking like a corpse whose hair has grown while in the coffin.

Anyway, there's a big to do in the blogosphere about the idiotic producer's claim that there are no iconic women. Charmaine Yoest and her readers have managed to come up with a few. (All the one's I thought up had already been named.) So go there and put in your 2 cents.

But, really, I'd give President Red Lips about two weeks in office.

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