Jul 27, 2005

Iraqi constitution heavy on the Islam

Omar takes us on a whirlwind tour of the final draft of the Iraqi constitution and I must say it doesn't look good, beginning as it does with the following provisions:

1-The (Islamic, federal)republic of Iraq is a sovereign, independent country and the governing system is a democratic, republican, federal one.

2-Islam is the official religion of the state and it is the main source of legislation. The constitution shall preserve the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people (with its Shea't majority and its Sunni component) and respect the rights of all other religions.

3-The Iraqi community is made of two main ethnicities; these are Arabic and Kurdish and of other main ethnicities; these are Turkmen, Chalideans, Assyrian, Armenian, Shabak and (Persian) and Yazidi and Mendayeen, all of which are equal in rights and duties of citizenship.

Read the whole thing. Luckily the constitution is not set in stone.
Although this document will be subject to further negotiations and modifications, my first look at it made me decide that I'm going to say "NO" to this constitution. Islam has been introduced in many clauses and not only Islam, sectarianism was introduced into the draft in a disgusting way and frankly speaking, such things will make me feel so unsafe if results of the referendum came positive for this draft.

However, what eases my worries is that we're going to have the chance to say "YES" or "NO" and all of us know that it's much better to allow this critical step to take the time it needs than to end up with a useless (or even harmful) constitution. And anyway, even this draft is way better than the 'no constitution' state we lived in for decades.

The other reassuring factor here is that amendments can be done two years after the constitution is 1st approved and then once again four years after that.

We have fought for a long time to reach the point where we can write a constitution that serves our needs and protects our future from oppression and dictatorship.

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