Jul 23, 2005

Blogger earns big book advance

And a sitcom deal. I never heard of Greek Tragedy, the blog of Stephanie Klein, but I can see it kicking off a successful Sex-in-the-City-style sitcom. Klein is also at work on a second book about her experiences as a fat camp survivor.

As a former fat girl, Klein is perhaps a bit of a whiner; see here. Yet she's also amusing and, apparently, has a devoted following. What really interests me are the comments, especially the negative ones. There's a ton of them in this post. My favorite, though, was the comment to the former post that Klein deleted but quoted anyway: "a size 6-I think not-looks like 10, possibly a 12 Poor insecure girl." So bitchy, actually just plain mean. But funny because: 1) so many of us girls think of themselves in terms of dress size; and 2) because the commenter thought nothing could possibly be more insulting that being called a size 10 or--perish the thought--a size 12!

Anyway, what is it about people who devote hours to making nasty comments on a blog?

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