Jul 19, 2005

Anti-Islamic fundamentalist recants

Big Pharoah has the story.
Sayed al-Qimni is a prolific secular and anti-fundamentalism author. His pen strips the so-called “Islamic” fundamentalists naked. Al-Qimni’s writings always point to the deficiencies in the current interpretation of Islamic law and to the need for reform in order for us to catch up with the developed world.

Terrorists didn’t like al-Qimni. They threatened him countless times and the government had to assign bodyguards for his protection so that he won’t meet the fate of his fellow secular author Farag Fouda who was shot dead right in front of his house.

It seems that the terrorists were determined to rid the world of someone who causes them so much headache. They sent an email telling that killing him is so easy and that the protection won’t do him any good. “We have people who want to wash their sins with your blood” they told him. Al-Qimni decided that he won’t take it anymore and that he doesn’t want his children to face what Fouda’s children faced and so he announced that he will stop writing and appearing in the media. He also fulfilled another demand of the terrorists and declared that he is backtracking from everything he said and wrote.

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