Jun 28, 2005

Kerry's plans for Iraq

You know, I'm all for maintaining civility in the political arena (really) and arguing on the merits as opposed to ad hominem attacks on my opponent and his intelligence. But isn't this kinda stupid? It's John Kerry's advice to President Bush and his roadmap for pulling our troops out of Iraq.
The administration must immediately draw up a detailed plan with clear milestones and deadlines for the transfer of military and police responsibilities to Iraqis after the December elections. The plan should be shared with Congress. The guideposts should take into account political and security needs and objectives and be linked to specific tasks and accomplishments. If Iraqis adopt a constitution and hold elections as planned, support for the insurgency should fall and Iraqi security forces should be able to take on more responsibility. It will also set the stage for American forces to begin to come home.
Doesn't this give the "insurgents" plenty of time to plenty of time to organize a full-blown assault on Iraq once we leave. Kind of like a teenagers plans for a kegger when Mom and Dad announce they're going away for a long weekend.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not stupid. Just cynical.

Via Instapundit.

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